SIBO: Can Fasting Halt Runaway Bacteria?

Posted by Rebecca James on Jul 15, 2020 11:15:00 AM

Often touted for the long-term health benefits, fasting has come in vogue these last few years for treating several negative health states while improving lifespan.

There are as many kinds of fasting as ideological differences between people. Still, all of them share the general principle that eating is restricted to specific days of the week or hours of the day. Intermittent fasting is believed to increase insulin sensitivity [1][2], potentially helping reverse type II diabetes. There are multiple side-benefits: decreased blood pressure, reduced night-time hunger, slower aging, and a superior lipid profile. Some of these claims are substantiated more thoroughly than others, but an increasing number of them are quantitatively demonstrated in clinical studies.

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Will The Saharan Dust Storm Ruin our Lungs?

Posted by Brian James on Jul 8, 2020 3:37:33 PM

There's an enormous "Godzilla Dust Cloud" from the Sahara Desert that moving across the land.  It has penetrated deep into the U.S. mainland, and worse, appears to be followed by a second wave of dust, billowing and roiling its' way to Texas. How did this happen, and how dangerous is it?

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Post Covid-19 Syndrome:  Why Covid-19 May Linger

Posted by Justin Cesnavicius on Jun 25, 2020 12:46:51 PM

Getting through Covid-19 seems to be easy for some of us. Although the long-term effects aren't known yet, few people seem worried about long-lasting damage, especially if they never had severe symptoms.  Maybe people should be concerned: a hill of evidence is starting to accumulate, pointing to long-lasting damage from Covid-19. While it is not surprising that Covid-19 could infect any tissue throughout the body, given the ubiquitous distribution of ACE-II receptors, the real surprise might lie in how and why it pops out again

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Manufacturing Problems in China, Again

Posted by Justin Cesnavicius on Jun 18, 2020 12:00:00 PM

This time it’s the lies that bind.

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Mitochondrial Uncoupling:  If You Want to Live Longer, Look to the Skies

Posted by Justin Cesnavicius on Jun 11, 2020 1:15:00 PM

Over the years an enormous amount of both scientific and pseudo-scientific speculation has been aimed at explaining prevailing trends in the lifespan of animals,and how we might apply those lessons to humans.

Since clear, observable trends exist with respect to various groups of animals and lifespan, if we can understand the underlying processes behind those trends, we might be able to extend and maximize our own lifespans.  The most obvious trend is body size versus lifespan, which is robust and repeatable, yet has some outliers that offer tantalizing grounds for speculation.

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Will Big Pharma Sabotage its’ Own Re-Shoring?

Posted by Justin Cesnavicius on Jun 4, 2020 12:15:09 PM

The need to reshore American products has been recognized on a federal level for many decades, with legislation such as the original Buy American Act, dated to 1933.

The urgency has grown in recent years, with the burgeoning dependence of the United States on foreign medicines and medical equipment now constituting a huge strategic burden.  The issue has recently come to forefront because of  renewed distrust in supply chain stability thanks to Covid-19, however, and current legislation is upping the ante by including Big Pharma among the list of key players that need to be reformed.

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Cow Hearts:  Beefy Benefits for Humans

Posted by Justin Cesnavicius on May 14, 2020 2:00:00 PM

According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., killing more than 600,000 Americans each year.

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Thanks for the Plague, California!

Posted by Justin Cesnavicius on Apr 24, 2020 1:30:00 PM

Because if hiding dead bodies isn’t a conspiracy, we don’t know what is.

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Toxoplasma Gondii: The Brain Hitchhiker

Posted by Rebecca James on Nov 22, 2019 1:00:00 PM

Toxoplasmosis is a widely known disease that results from infection with the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, one of the world's most common parasites.

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Anti-Vaxxers a Top Health Threat

Posted by Rebecca James on Jul 12, 2019 2:03:32 PM

A new threat to the health and safety of children has recently begun to take center stage: diseases that were once thought eradicated have reemerged into public consciousness.  These diseases have been aided and abetted by the irresponsible and dangerous behavior of people opposed to vaccines, otherwise known as anti-vaxxers.

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